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The Many Healing Powers of Lavender

Jan 21, 2017

You already know we adore lavender (it has its own hammam soap, after all!), but we love it for many more reasons than its lovely fragrance. Sweet scent aside, the lavender flower possesses several unique holistic properties that'll make you want to keep a vase in every room. Scroll down below for three benefits of the lavender flower, inspired by nos amies à Elle France.

Make an all-natural tisane...

Infuse a few stems of wild lavender into a cup of steaming hot water to make a delicious beverage perfect for soothing your body and mind. (Click here to learn more about the health-boosting benefits of herbal tisanes.)

Sip a "lavender latte"...

Make a lavender variation on the London Fog with this flavorful, creamy lavender drink reciple: Brew Earl Grey tea and mix in ground lavender, honey, vanilla powder and steamed milk and voilà: a milky drink that's sweet (but not-too-sweet).

Get your best sleep ever...

Lavender is a commonly used ingredient in aromatherapy, and it's not surprising to see why. Dab lavender essential oil on pulse points in preparation for bed or add a few drops to your nighttime bath to create the ultimate oasis. (Lavender-infused pillow sprays are also an instant way to unwind and promote deep sleep — check out this one by This Works.)

Photo: Unsplash