Although we see fragrance as a year-round indulgence, there's something about the winter season that makes burning a comforting scented candle that much more satisfying. But to really make the most out of enjoying your candle requires much more than just lighting a match; maintaining the quality of the scent, evenness of the burn and minimizing any smokiness require care and upkeep of your bougies. Read below for five essential tips.

  1. Maintain the wick: Before burning your candle for the first time, make sure you trim the wick to about a 1/4 inch — this will minimize smoke and soot from dirtying up your candle experience. (And be sure to keep an eye on the length each time you light it up!)

  2. First time's the charm: If you've ever run into the issue of candles not burning evenly, consider this: Did you let it pool to the edges before extinguishing it after the initial use? It may not seem like a big deal, but this step will ensure that your candle doesn't "tunnel", and areas furthest from the wick also get melted.

  3. Placement is key: Even if you think you're a candle aficionado and know how to properly take care of them, we think it's always better to be safe than sorry; avoid keeping your candle on a surface right next to a wall or piece of artwork — residual smoke from the flame can turn white or pale surfaces ashy quick.

  4. Time your burn: When it comes to nailing the perfect burn for your candle, it's a bit of a numbers' game. Time it too short and you'll get an uneven result, and if you leave it too long, the wick might "mushroom", and you'll also go through candles pretty quickly. Remember this: a good candle should release its full fragrance within two hours and will linger for some time, so don't think it needs to be lit for the scent to be enjoyed.

  5. Keep it clean: Dust, soot, and wick debris can all compromise the quality of your candle's fragrance. So if yours comes with a lid, keep it on when the candle isn't in use. And if soot starts to appear on the glass (which can be a result of a long burn), wipe the glass clean with a soft cloth.

Photo: Unsplash

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